From our wide-ranging experiences in the discipline of pipeline (rigid and flexible), cable and umbilical, mooring, structural and heavy lift, decommissioning and construction/fabrication supports in the offshore oil & gas fields and offshore wind farms, the following engineering services can be provided by us

  • Develop Project Specific Standards and Specifications for Execution of the Works
  • Develop Engineering Deliverables (and Document) Register
  • Develop Engineering CTR (cost, time, resources) and project schedule
  • Design Review and Constructability Review
  • Loadout, Seafastening and Transportation Engineering and Method Statement
  • Construction, Installation & Decommissioning Engineering and Method Statement
  • Testing and Pre-commissioning Engineering and Method Statement
  • Interface Management
  • Supply Chain Support (Requisition, Review, Monitoring)

All the project engineering activities will be conducted in compliance with client, regulatory, contractual, industry standards & requirements and work will be executed efficiently and in a cost effective manner. We will, during detailed engineering and method statement development, ensure maximum operability during all operations, and perform dynamic analyses in order to establish limiting operational (and environmental) criteria for the different stages of the installations.

We are capable of developing installation procedures and identifying equipment and resources (including vessels) required to execute a safe and sound operation. Our procedures will be backed up by detailed analyses, and also provide a realistic estimated duration of the operation together with budgetary consideration. These procedures will typically address the following aspects:

  • Suitability of the Installation and Support Vessels
  • Quay / base suitability
  • List of Equipment and Resources required, including Specifications
  • Detail any Interface and Coordination requirements
  • Define Construction and Installation Tolerances and Limiting Factors including weather
  • Provide a step by step Working Procedure
  • Personnel Responsibilities and Lines of Reporting/Communication
  • Provide Installation or Decommissioning Sketches and Drawings
  • Engineering Calculation Sheets associated with the Tasks
  • Installation loads analysis with provision for recording installation loads experienced.
  • As-installed / As-Built Documentation

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These services form the backbone of our own business, and here are our engineering execution philosophy:

  • Meeting project safety requirements i.e. zero accidents / incidents;
  • Meeting project quality requirements;
  • Compliance to scope of work;
  • Compliance to project schedule and budget;
  • Compliance to client’s procedures, specifications, codes and standards;
  • Maximize teamwork and productivity, minimize rework;
  • Synergy with client and interfaced parties towards common goal

Other than engineering services, we also provide supporting services for the project execution as following: