Offshore wind energy is a clean and renewable energy source that is obtained by harnessing the force of the wind produced in the high seas, where it reaches a higher and more stable speed due to the lack of barriers. To fully exploit this resource, wind turbines are installed on fixed or floating mega-structures, depending on the depth of the location.

The majority of offshore wind farms are being installed at depths up to 60m and far from the shore (>25km) and marine traffic routes. Due to the low water depth, wind turbines are installed on monopiles, GBS and jacket structures fixed to the seabed. However, in some areas the depth increases significantly at short distances to the shore, making it impossible to use fixed foundations, and allowing the use of floating platforms instead.

As a result of the development of bigger turbines at deeper depths, soon the annual installation of offshore wind power will overcome that installed onshore.

Havkonsult AS is up for the challenge, contributing with years of experience gathered in offshore wind and O&G projects. Check out with us if you require assistance with any of these activities:

  1. Mooring design and installation
  2. Dynamic / static power cable installation
  3. Accessibility analyses
  4. Conceptual design of floating platforms
  5. Load out analyses
  6. Towing analyses
  7. Spar upending analysis
Orcaflex Model
CFD model