With our experienced engineers, we can support the operations from planning, vessel preparation and mobilization, site survey, load out inspection, clash checks and offshore installation support.

During engineering and planning stage, we will carry out feasibility checks, constructability reviews, equipment and material list preparation, manpower planning, fabrication aids design and installation procedures development. These will incorporate industry wide best practices and lessons learnt.

Our operation team will prepare the installation, construction procedures and manuals covering all aspects of the work and shall include:

  • HAZID reviews for each installation phase
  • Constructability reviews
  • HSE management plans (together with HSE personnel)
  • Quality management plans (together with Quality personnel)
  • Logistics and transportation plans and procedures
  • SIT procedures (where applicable)
  • Installation procedures
  • Handling and transportation of all materials
  • Installation vessel motions characteristics
  • Pre-commissioning procedure
  • Witnessing and acceptance of factory acceptance tests (FAT’ s)
  • Pre-Installation Survey procedures
  • Contingency procedures
  • Task Risk Assessments for each element of the installation process
  • Mobilization check lists
  • Sea trials check lists
  • Readiness review meetings
  • Red line mark-up / “As-Built” documentation

During offshore execution, based on the assignment, we can lead the team and  work alongside Offshore Construction Manager (OCM) or Superintendent to ensure operations are executed as per approved procedures. Due to the dynamic/ fast changing nature of offshore construction, changes are always anticipated. Management of Change (MoC) will be carried out to reassess the scale of the change. Revised plan with solutions for the problem will be proposed for approval by stakeholders.

Our good operational knowledge and site experience in particular region will offer advantage to anticipate the operations:

  • Awareness of environmental conditions (e.g. West Africa, South East Asia, North Sea, Middle East) for bid costing and weather downtime allocation
  • Understanding of logistics and custom clearance process/ duration for particular country
  • Adaptation to different working culture and ability to drive the operations

Read more below on our operation support services capabilities.

Logistics Coordination

Logistics play an important role in every project to ensure the personnel, food supplies, equipment and vessels are able to reach the site on time.

We can provide logistics coordination as below:

  1. Site visit (especially in a new country/ region) prior to start of project (to survey quayside availability, craneage, port traffic, anchorage, access road to site, accommodation, airport etc.)
  2. Understanding of local regulatory requirements
  3. Preparation of scope of work and review of proposal
  4. Liaison with logistics company / agency
  5. Coordination of vessel and cargo importation and exportation
  6. Coordination of custom and immigration clearance
  7. Managing supply boat and crew boat movements and operations

Offshore Operation Support

We can offer the following offshore operation supports

  1. Vessel suitability / condition survey
  2. Assist during vessel new-building, dry-docking, repair in shipyard
  3. Support for commissioning and load testing of capital asset (tensioners, lay system, heavy lift crane) and liaison with 3rd party surveyor/ Classification Society
  4. Assist and ensure compliance with industry wide vessel inspection requirements (eg. IMCA CMID, OCIMF OVID) and anticipation of specific Client’s/ stringent in-country requirements. Assist to close out of priority items to make sure no delay to start of project.
  5. Onsite support during vessel mobilization (ensure all equipment are loaded onboard efficiently)
  6. Installation support during project phase: ensure operations are executed as per approved procedures in with safety, quality and schedule in mind. Provide optimization to work processes on site to reduce downtime, standby and increase efficiency
  7. Good understanding of battery limits and contractual requirements to advise Offshore Construction Manager (OCM)
  8. Document and record work completion (via Site Memo, Task Sheet or Milestone Completion Sheet) to assist onshore management team during claims, invoicing, closeout and as-built report submission
  9. Timely demobilization of manpower and vendors’ spread to ensure prompt off-hire

Diving Operation Support

  1. Diver metrology for spool piece measurement and fabrication is another critical operation
  2. large diameter spool tie-in with inflatable lift bags and Handling frames
  3. jacket braces cleaning, riser and J-tube clamps installation
  4. support for pull-in operations
  5. Pipeline/ structure rectification works

ROV Operation Support

  1. Evaluate capabilities and limitations of the ROV spread intended for the specific task
  2. Development of task plans, methods and procedure to suit ROV operations
  3. Planning, design and sourcing of ROV toolings/ friendly installation aids that are required for the project
  4. Carry out mock-up/ dummy ROV test during SIT to simulate the operations onshore
  5. Liaise and interface with ROV provider/ team to plan the work

Survey Operation Support

We can offer engineering and operational inputs during each stage of survey works to meet project installation tolerances and client requirements.

Pre-commissioning Support

  1. Checking and understanding the scope of work/ battery limits/ responsibilities between different contractors/ Client
  2. Planning of the works (sequence, setup of pre-commissioning spread, flow direction for launch of scrappers, manpower requirement)
  3. Specialist vendor selection, RFQ preparation, follow up from tender stage to execution
  4. Equipment selection and sourcing (e.g. pumps, Nitrogen spread) or even custom built installation aids (e.g. ROV friendly launcher head/ receiver). For deepwater pre-commissioning, specialist vendor’s equipment can be optimized for flooding and testing
  5. Consumables (e.g. hydraulic fluid, pipeline preservation chemicals)
  6. Preparation of pre-commissioning and testing procedures
  7. Support during commissioning and start-up

Fabrication Support

We offer engineering support during fabrication stage by carrying out fit-for-purpose inspection to ensure permanent project items and installation aids are built to specifications.

These include the following:

  1. Inspection and Task Plan (ITP)
  2. Material Take Off (MTO)
  3. carry out physical trial fit/ clash check
  4. post fabrication testing Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and System Integration Test (SIT)
  5. compile “as-fabricated” records for handover to offshore team
  6. follow up on punch lists items and ensure outstanding items are properly documented
  7. preparation and pre-rigging of structures (ensure rigging platforms and slings are correctly installed and secured)
  8. support during loadout and seafastening at fabrication yard

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