In addition to engineering services, we can provide both operation and project management services for an assigned project; whether it is an engineering study, supply chain management, vessel chartering, ‘Transportation and Installation’ (T&I) project, or an ‘Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation’ (EPCI) project.

We have the capability to develop and customize a set of procedures that govern all project management activities from project setup until project closeout, to ensure reliability and accountability in executing the projects. Due to the nature of offshore installation projects, it is important to have a tailor made project execution plan in accordance to the client requirements, while adhering to the project management principal of industry standard.

We recognize the criticality of the project start up process, and a systematic, checklist-oriented project management system will be introduced to give a clear direction for project execution. The following criteria will be our focal in project management and controls

  • Develop a realistic project execution strategy and detail plan
  • Set up the project resources plan, including the organization chart and manning/manhours
  • Set up responsibility matrix, and also project specific job descriptions
  • Set up project budget and cash flow management procedure
  • Set up project schedule, progress measurement system, work breakdown structures
  • Document control and information management
  • Risk and Opportunity Management for both technical and commercial aspects
  • Project Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Plan
  • Project Quality Plan, including quality assurance program, inspection and test plans
  • Set up check list against regulatory requirements
  • Develop procurement plan and master equipment list
  • Progress reporting as per requirements

As an extension to the engineering services, we can provide the site operation management services, either on a supervisory/consultancy role, or act as an active field engineer for the planning and execution of offshore project

  • Direct the work sequence of equipment in the field and coordinate the operations, vessel movements, etc., on a daily basis.
  • Coordinate vessel (and resource) movements with the Offshore Construction Manager, Logistics and Marine Coordinator(s) and Client
  • Monitoring the progress of the work and site conditions and advising the construction/project team and Client of any developments that may result in changes to the work schedule and / or execution sequence.
  • Issuing and maintaining the offshore schedule for operations
  • Coordinating the mobilization and demobilization of marine spreads and Subcontractors assigned to operations
  • Liaise with Project Team and Client during project execution to ensure that Client and Project Management requirements are satisfied.

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We can also provide the supply chain management services as either a standalone service, or part of the engineering services we offer. A comprehensive Request for Quotation (RFQ) package will be developed based on project technical requirement; and a broad vendor database, both local and international, will be setup to secure sufficient competition and attractive commercial proposal.  Where local content is required, or international trading constraint is imposed, we will identify the obstacles and develop a specific procurement strategy to mitigate and ensure successful delivery. We can provide the service to pre-qualify potential suppliers for the project, evaluating their technical capability, safety and quality performance, client and project requirements, as well as local content if required.

Based on the project execution plan and / or installation procedures, we can develop a detailed procurement and subcontract plan, where the procurement and subcontract activities will be identified and executed in accordance to the overall project schedule. The required schedule for the supply of the material or the services, and the interdependency between the procurement/subcontract activities and any associated engineering or operation activities, will be identified and incorporated into the overall procurement and subcontract plan. These activities will be planned such that the delivery of the material and services do not fall on the project critical path.

Inspection services during the manufacturing or fabrication process can be included. We will provide on-site follow-up and inspection to ensure the vendors are complying with the project requirement and applicable quality system.